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Welcome to our Cooking Studio

Hands-on online classes

The Cooking Studio offers you and your remote team a hands-on cooking class experience, that will spice up your usual virtual meetings and bring out your inner chefs.

Most popular classes

90 min - 1 recipe + wine pairing

Wine Tasting Class

  • Pick a sweet OR savory option from above 

  • Our sommelier will make a wine selection and walk you through the impact of the flavors on your palate

120 min - Full meal

Cook n Dine

  • Any sweet & savory combo


  • Marble Cake, Chocolate Coating

  • Financier (Almond Biscuits)

  • Choux Pastries 

75 min - 1 recipe


  • Zucchini, Ricotta & Pine Nuts Thin Tart

  • Zucchini Ceviche, Tiger’s Milk

  • Béchamel Crepes

Curated for your team

Let's get in touch to discuss any special need or dietary restrictions, so this experience can be fully tailored to your team.

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